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I love technology. I love to learn, I love to build things, and I love to break them.

Pick and Place Machine

I recently developed the need for a pick and place machine.

I really didn't want to spend $2000 USD on a prebuilt machine. I had already started a project to build a second 3D printer, the HyperCube by Tech2C, but never finished it. I thought to myself, a pick and place machine isn't so far off from a 3D printer, I could turn the hypercube into one! And so, was the next project born.The initial design was very roughly done, a lot of hand-measurements with a caliper. I quickly realized how inefficient printing the same part 10 times is, and sat down and modelled the machine. It is still evolving, and it's straying away from the HyperCube design more and more. Several modifications for stability have been made.

Stay tuned, there's more to come on this project!

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About Me

I'm a passionate software developer, hardware hacker, robot builder, and am really enthusiastic about learning something new.

Caffeine to Code

You provide me caffeine, I will turn it into code ;)

Backend Design

Experience with multiple software stacks, technologies and use cases.

System Administration

Debian Linux, Ansible, and a wide variety of stacks


From Circuit/PCB Design to small scale manufacturing

3D Printing

Object design, Printer design, Printing in various materials


Experience with BGP and various VPN technologies

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Can't work all the time... Having fun with WoW and Unreal Engine 5


So much to see, so little time.